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Monday, January 17, 2011

Let's just say that I was going to preference.

And while we're pretending, let's just say that I had some money. That would be nice. But if I were going to preference and if I did have some money I would wear this dress: and these shoes:

I asked someone pretty tall in my head world so I can wear those kinds of heels. And you know what? Actually I asked someone that my imaginary self is imaginarily (I know that's not a word) in love with. And he's imaginarily in love with imaginary me too. And after a wonderful imaginary evening and a nice ride home in his imaginary car, he gave me an imaginary kiss on my imaginary doorstep. With a door that doesn't have windows. So my imaginary parents can't see us kissing. But even if they did, these imaginary parents wouldn't care.

And then guess what happened?

We went on lots of imaginary dates after that. And we were in love. And he wrote me and imaginary song on his imaginary guitar. Or piano. I can't decide. Oh what the heck, how abouts both. He can play the guitar and the piano, so he wrote me two songs. And then he sang them for me and I cried lots of imaginary tears of imaginary joy.

(all right, we all know who this imaginary person is, so why do I even bother pretending?)

post script: if you can read that bit at the end, consider yourself blessed. you're not supposed to be able to.

Love and kisses,



Maddiey said...
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Dani said...

Maddiey! Jerk! Put your comment back on here!

Brynnie said...

I had my own imaginary Prom the other day but it was so awkward and my imaginary date hated my beautiful prom dress so... I gotta find a new imaginary boyfriend. my other one rocks! but we're going to meet in a few months.
Anyways Dear, I didn't even notice the yellow part was there until I read the p.s.! Haw-Haw!:) Omylanta! My mouse is stuck!! It doesn't move!! Oh crap! how am I supposed to get onto my blog!!ad\vbxfbzd

I can't post either!! Oh my dad's gonna kill me! I probably broke his computer!! oh heck. k well sorry ill solve my issues on my own... sorry Dearest! Love ya!