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Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 2: First Love

His name was Ashton and he was in my kindergarten class. He wore a blue t-shirt and blue basketball shorts on the 1st day of school. After school I told Marisa's mom that he was the coolest boy in our class and she laughed at me. I was very offended. I don't even think I was ever friends with him.

It usually takes me a while to really like someone, but once I do fall for someone I fall hard. I also tend to like people for a very long time. For example, I have liked the same boy for over a year. A year and a half if you count the time when I didn't really know him but I thought he was cute. Around a year if you don't.

I do count it.

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Addy* Sue said...

Yay! Welcome to 30 days.