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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day Six.

My day was, quite honestly, not worth blogging about. I did the same thing that I did every single day of my life. However, I've been absent from this 30 day blogger thing for long enough so here we go.

I woke up late today. No surprises there, I do that everyday. I didn't do my hair. It's fine, I never do my hair. I went to seminary and tried to stay awake. I went to french. I laughed and spoke a little bit of french and a whole lot of english. I went to physics. I took a test, then I got bored so I took the hall pass and wandered the halls for a while. Unfortunately I don't know my friends new schedules so I had no one to go visit. I had subway for lunch and it was delicious. I read Maddiey's beautiful blog. I went to American Studies and won 8 bonus points for this weeks quiz. Yay!

Walking home was as always, the best part of the day, even though I'm sick and afflicted and can't actually walk.

I have dance for 2 hours today and I'm going to be late for mutual tonight. (bahaha I'm so happy!)

Hope your day was more exciting than mine.

Love & kisses,


Maddiey said...

Thank your for reading my blog! It made my day to hear that you read it.
Sounds like your day was beautiful!

Dani said...

Dani your blog is Amazing! I rather enjoy it! I would definitely say you are dazzlingly clever! Your words are very clever! LOVE YOU and your face!

Dani said...

oops! i posted a comment as if i were you. silly. i don't remember how to comment as me. help! mom

Brynnie said...

Dani, I love you. and... how did this person, who commented as you, manage to do that!??

Maddiey said...

Brynn, I think it's her mom. My mom has the same problem. She posts with my dad's name... it's weird. But Dani, even if it isn't you mom who wrote that, I totally agree. I absolutely lahve reading your blog!!! You are amazing and your writing shows it!