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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 3: My parents

(here's my mutti being awesome!)

My dad is a computer programmer. He likes to drive in the snow. He likes to travel and to talk to people. He likes to build things. He's attempting to finish our basement by himself. He's full of ideas. He may or may not be crazy.
My mom teaches piano. She likes puzzles and board games. She waterskis. She was a gymnast. She likes hiking. I remember being little and being so glad that my mom was cool and pretty and nice, not like some of the other moms. She is amazing.
They taught me to work hard and dream big. They teach me to have faith. They teach me to believe in myself. They teach me to cook and clean and tile bathrooms and drive and put texture on walls.
Dearest Darlingest Mumsy and Popsicle,
I love you!
Love Dani.

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Maddiey said...

Ahh! I love your parents! I never knew half of that stuff you said about your parents... cool!