*DISCLAIMER: This blog is 100% truth except for the parts I made up

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Twenty-two things about me.

One for each year plus six extra.  Eleven plus eleven*.

one.  I believe in love at first sight.

two.  I hate when my bedroom door is open.

three.  I like sentences that are short, snappy, and to the point.

four.  I love beginnings, but am terrified of endings.

five.  I don't know what I want to be when I grow up.

six.  I wish on shooting stars.

seven.  I believe that everything happens for a reason.

eight.  I pretend to know more than I really do.

nine.  Rain is my favorite smell in the world.

ten.  I love things that are a bit quirky and different.

eleven.  I love words.

twelve.  I used to wonder what it would be like to be an inanimate object.

thirteen.  I am a procrastinator.

fourteen.  I love old-fashioned things.

fifteen.  I like my marshmallows golden brown, not burnt.

sixteen.  I would rather wear a dress than pants.

seventeen.  I sing 2nd alto.

eighteen.  I'm a people-watcher.

nineteen.  I love stars.

twenty.  I write with sharpies and expo markers.

twenty-one.  I don't approve of wide ruled paper.

twenty-two.  If I sleep on my hair wet it won't be dry in the morning.

Do something crazy just because you can.
And I mean like, really crazy.

Love and kisses,

*Can I wish on that?  Please bless...

Monday, December 12, 2011

It's only half past the point of no return*

I have little burns on all of my finger tips and on the tip of my tongue.  I have two new zits that weren't there when I went to bed last night and a chip on my fingernail.  I have a little hollow place inside of my heart that I'm trying to fill with love and laughter and words and hugs but it doesn't stay full.

I have scars on my skin and my soul but I also have a little smirk on my mouth because even though you won't say so, I think we might be more than friends.

I have songs stuck in my head and on my lips and on my fingers and on my toes but I think I'll keep them there.  I have brains in my head and feet in my shoes, and moonlight bleeding from out of my soul and words melting on my tongue.

I like the way they taste.

I have the touch of your hands on mine and the feel of your head on my shoulder even though you're not there anymore.  I have butterflies in my stomach and goosebumps on my arms and legs and the back of my neck.

Only they're the good kind of goosebumps.  The kind where I'm excited and nervous at the same time.

"Who'd have known
when you flash up on my phone
I no longer feel alone."

Love and kisses,

*I definitely checked my watch to figure that one out.  I may have even done a few quick calculations.  Because, you know... that's completely relevant...

Friday, December 9, 2011

You must be the reason I'm alive

You know that moment when you pass him in the hall and he stops to say hi and give you a hug, and you're grinning like a cheshire cat all the way to your next class?

Or when you have to open his locker for him because he can never open it on the first try.

Or when he walks you to 4th period everyday after lunch.

When he texts you just to ask if you're feeling okay.

When he hugs you and your head is on his chest

or when he plays with your hands.

When he shares his coke and m&ms even though you're sick and afflicted.

When he misses his bus because he's talking to you for too long, and then he sits and talks to you for a while longer even though you both have somewhere to be.

"When i'm with you
you know you make my days
so beautiful
with your different ways
you make me lighter
i'm movin with the wind"

Love and kisses,