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Thursday, September 30, 2010


Are you excited? Are you excited for me to tell you about my wonderful fabulous story? Are you ready for me to announce something completely life-shattering and inspiring? Are you ready to read an incredible riviting story that you won't be able to tear your eyes away from?

Yep me too. I'll let you know when that happens alright?

Well my friends, here's my problemo (problem-ito)... I-ito have-ito no-ito story-itos. Cuz he doesn't go to my school. Which is a problem-ito.

And how can I have a blog-ito with no story-itos?

Well I might just possibly have one little story. Almost a story. Not quite a story but still something to tell. And it doesn't have to do with him either. It has to do with his sister. And Breh-TOHN. And prom. And Breh-TOHN maybe possibly wanting to be asking her to prom. Ya know... when prom rolls around... And Dani being happy about it.

Very-ito very-it happy-ito :)!

Cuz honestly, they would just be so stinkin' cute together! Ya know what I'm saying? They're just so adorable! And she's so adorable! It's great! Oh I just love love.

Love-ito y'all-ito!

(p.s. While we're on the subject... No-ito you-ito can-ito not-ito have-ito my-ito burrito-ito! What-ito do-ito you-ito take-ito me-ito for-ito an-ito idiot-ito?)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Let's start over shall we?

Well it would seem that I'm trying this whole blogging thing again... Maybe I'll be a bit more successful this time :)