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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

my first kiss

so why the fetch is this underlined huh? huh? does anyone know why? jerk!
well once upon a time there was this girl who had a blog. and she felt kind of bad because she never posted ever ever ever. so she decided to post even though she had nothing to say and no one probably read her blog anyways.
so here's my post.

time is pretty weird, don't you think? when you're little it takes forever. an hour took forever, a week was a lifetime, and anything longer than that... but the older i get, the faster time goes.
especially when i don't want it to.
like christmas break. i was pretty dang excited cuz it's a pretty long break, but now it's almost over. it kind of sucks.

everytime it rains
charlotte martin

and i have a disgusting amount of homework that i need to do too.


Brynnie said...

I know right. I hate it sometimes. But the good thing is that school's going by so fast! It's HALFWAY OVER! I can not tell you how excited I am for The Summer Of 2011:) I'm sure you must know though:)

Dani said...

im so fetchin excited for summer you don't even know!!!