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Friday, December 31, 2010

everything's gonna be alright

dark room full of people, and lights flashing on the walls, the ceiling, people's faces. everyone is laughing, singing, dancing along with the music but i can't seem to say anything. so i stand awkwardly, too far away from you. i don't speak, you don't speak and we wait in silence until i am dragged away. i'm scared to make the first move, but scared that you won't, and i wish i could know what you're thinking.

how is it that you can be disappointed even if you have very low expectations?

but then i turn, you smile, you speak, we dance, we talk, we laugh, we hug, and when you walk away, i'm still smiling.


Maddiey said...

Beautiful! Is this about who I think it is about? hmm yes, it is.
I lahve the way you described the dance without saying it is a stake dance... lahvely!

Dani said...

yes of course! who else would it be about?

Brynnie said...

That night was quite a strange up and down one for me. After wards I wrote a paper to myself called Everything's Gonna Be Alright.

I always have low expectations but I'm still hoping inside so I'm still disapointed. I kinda wish when I told my feelings to do one thing they would actually do it. Do you know what I mean?