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Sunday, December 5, 2010

I found a new favorite smell.
Or should I say rediscovered?
I've always maintained that the smell of a
summer rainstorm
on the hot, dry pavement
is the best smell out there,
but now I'm not so sure
because the smell of a
Christmas tree
comes pretty dang close.

So I just have a question for you to ponder: Why is it that you can put question marks in labels, but not exclamation points?

I mean really why? Is it because they don't want you to use up your six exclamation points to quickly?

I have a friend that was asked to the Christmas dance. She used all six exclamation points when she was texting me about it.

post script: if you don't know about the six exclamation points ask Ms. Woolsey.


Maddiey said...

If I am the friend you speak of... Did I really use that many exclamation marks?!?
P.S. I lahve the smell of a summer rainstorm too.

Dani said...

Yes my dear, you did use that many exclamation points.

Brynnie said...

Huhu. Hey! That was one of the only things I heard in AMerican Studies so I know that story!! But... I can't remember what it was about. Meh! and, I'm sorry, but the smell of rain might just always be better