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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


You know what really bothers me? When people don't say hi. Or they don't even have to say hi, but they could at least acknowledge your presence. Just a smile. Eye contact. Let you know that they know you're there. That you aren't invisible.

Like today, I was walking to my computer tech class when I walked past a girl I know. I wouldn't really say we're friends, but I know her name, and she knows mine. We've had a few classes and conversations together. As I walked past I looked at her and smiled, but instead of smiling back she looked away. Sad.

But then I passed someone else I know as I walked into the classroom and he smiled. And waved. And said "Hi Dani."

I love it when that happens.


Brynnie said...

Hm... Whom is this man?? It could be another one of them signs, if ya know what I mean?:)

Dani said...

Um no... I'm pretty dang sure it's not a sign... it was Dane Douglas