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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Shall we?

It's finally fall break! Shall we celebrate? All right, we shall.

Except we have a problem...

Everyone is on vacation! Have you ever tried to have a party by yourself? Because no one else can come? Well let me just tell you, it's somehow not quite as enjoyable as having a party with fer reals people. So do you know how I spent my first day of fall break? I had a party with some of my bestest friends: my pillow, my comforter, and the fourth Harry Potter book.

Not to mention the healthy snacks I have left over from Nexus since I'm out of candy.

But you know, it was still a good day. I got caught up on my relaxing and sleeping and being lazy and not doing anything useful. I was a bit behind on all of those things.

You wanna know what I decided? I'm ready for a little bit of cold. For a little bit of sweaters and hoodies and layers and boots and hot chocolate and fireplaces and slippers. For a little bit of cozy.
See what I mean? It looks delicious doesn't it?


Brynnie said...

YEAHS!! Me too, friend! I'm SO ready for cold!

Maddiey said...

Hey!! I am going to make myself free tonight and we will have a party! You can't have no school and not party. It doesn't mix!
Ahh for some reason I feel the same way (about the cold...) I have never really liked cold weather and snow but I am this year.