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Sunday, June 23, 2013

"Giving up is way harder than trying"

You're not real.

Ghost.  You slip between my fingers.   Liar.  You're a memory, dream, I feel your whispers but my heart keeps

It's pounding.

And my lungs keep filling up with air and I am Real.  I'm alive.  I am Power and I'm Hunger and I'm Strength and I am

Running, pushing, breaking, fighting,
Bigger, braver, stronger, bolder,

Crashing through the ceiling. Tell me no, I'll tell you yes 'cause I am chosen.  I'm not broken.  I'm still hurting but I'm pushing.  I'm a fighter and I'll show you that my fight is just beginning.

We're not done here.  Don't you close your eyes yet. Don't you get afraid.

I have mountains in the way but I am better. Yeah, you showed me, sure, but now I'll show you up and soon I'll show you I don't need a crutch.  My muscles, they can push on through the pain and my heart keeps beating just the same.

You shoot me down but I get up.  I'll never say that I won't fall but you can't keep me on the ground, I keep on climbing.  Soon you'll see me on that pedestal.

I'm your goddess.

You won't see her mark across my chest but it's branded in my eyes and those eyes bring fire, yeah, I'll burn so bright that you can't turn away.

Make your way to the top of the world and I'm there.

You better hope for your sake that this seat is still open.  I'm hoping too,

But 'til then you can just watch me claim my victory.

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