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Friday, December 9, 2011

You must be the reason I'm alive

You know that moment when you pass him in the hall and he stops to say hi and give you a hug, and you're grinning like a cheshire cat all the way to your next class?

Or when you have to open his locker for him because he can never open it on the first try.

Or when he walks you to 4th period everyday after lunch.

When he texts you just to ask if you're feeling okay.

When he hugs you and your head is on his chest

or when he plays with your hands.

When he shares his coke and m&ms even though you're sick and afflicted.

When he misses his bus because he's talking to you for too long, and then he sits and talks to you for a while longer even though you both have somewhere to be.

"When i'm with you
you know you make my days
so beautiful
with your different ways
you make me lighter
i'm movin with the wind"

Love and kisses,


Kropistopen said...

Who told you to listen to that song? Ya me. I love that song...

Dani said...

What would i ever do without you? I definitely wouldn't have been able to title this blog post, that's for sure!