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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I think I would really like a snow cone right now.

Guess what?  I kind of really like this summer.

I kind of really like this whole doing nothing thing.  Wasting my money on snow cones and sleeping in and staying up late.  I really like going on those long walks in the park where it would have been just us if we didn't have so many people with us.  I like leaning up against someone else's car and watching the stars and talking and listening.  I like when his t-shirt brushes against my arm because we're standing that close to each other.  I like when the sun sets and lights up all of those fuzzy white things in the air.  

It just might end up being a summer to remember.

Love and kisses,

(p.s.  I learned how to do my hair like a flapper girl today)

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Maddiey said...

That night was a truly beautiful night. I am glad we 'celebrated' Summer Solstice the way we did. Beautiful, beautiful night...